We serve a great God!

Camp ministry is great tool that God uses.

I absolutely LOVED going away to camp every summer. It was an opportunity for me to be with kids my own age, I was an only child so it was rather lonely at times. It gave my parents a nice break too. I loved the crafts, horse riding, swimming, hiking, canoeing, arts & crafts, night camp fires, fellowship and worship time. Just a great week or two of complete awesomeness is the only way to explain camp. I was too busy and having too much fun to ever be homesick. Patty H.

Amen! This is wonderful news that God has burdened your heart to have a Christ centered camp in our area!! I also look forward to seeing what great things God is going to do. Please keep me up to date with this blessing!! Mari M.

We are looking forward to testimonials of campers once The Edge Christian Camp is underway!


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