Praise The Lord!

URGENT PRAYER REQUEST AND ACTION: Friends of The Edge, many of you are aware we have been activity pursing a property that would make a great fit to become the home of The Edge. We have made a first offer that was declined, but then the Lord blessed with several large donations that would allow us to make a cash down payment. Our second offer is currently in the hands of the sellers with a competing offer. Here is the prayer request and action needed. We would like to increase our down payment on top of the $175,000 the Lord has blessed us with already. Therefore, helping the odds swing in our favor. If you have been praying about donating to The Edge at any point this year we ask that you prayerfully consider doing it as early as today, as we are now sitting where the rubber meets the road. Thank you for your prayers and your support. May the Lord be glorified in all that is done!
UPDATE – PRAISE THE LORD, We have currently been blessed with at total of $225,000 for the down payment. Continue to be in prayer with us as we wait to hear back from our offer.

We want to hear from you!

We at The Edge had a wonderful 2017 year. The Lord has blessed tremendously, and many of you were a part of it. As we look back on the year, we want you to tell us about your experiences at The Edge. We look forward to hearing from you! Help us share with others what God is doing in the ministry.

The Results

As we look back and praise the Lord for His hand in the ministry, we thank Him for where He has brought us and the opportunities He has blessed us with. The lease agreement we are under ends in December. We are praying that the Lord would allow us to continue our ministry at this camp location. We know and understand that the price tag on this camp is beyond our means, but we also know and understand that God is in control and the cost of this camp property is within God’s reach as it already belongs to Him. What an encouraging thought! Since God has called and joined this team together, we have kept our focus on seeking what He would have us to do. Although this camp property is a beautiful site located on the river, we understand that it is not the property that is the focus, but the ministry we do here. It is about the Word of God and how it changes the lives and hearts of many. We are continuing to pray that God will provide for us to be able to purchase this camp. We plan to minister with the property through the entire lease period or until the property is sold. Be in prayer with us as the property has been shown once already during our lease. We thank the Lord for the opportunity to share His Word through these conferences and retreats and look forward to running year-round camp events in the future. The Lord has been very gracious in sending others to partner with us as well as those that support us financially. There are a number of churches that have welcomed us to present our ministry as well as support us in prayer and monthly support. We are continuing to reach out to other church families for the opportunity to share what God is doing. God has also blessed in other ways such as partners helping with the cleanup, crews volunteering during events, and a professional videographer working on presentation videos for us!

Ministry Has Begun!

The Lord has given us opportunities to host different events since we received our green light from the health department. We started out with two open house events to include a day at the camp with tours, lunch, and a presentation. In August, we hosted our first banquet dinner and shared the vision of The Edge. There was a great turnout for these events and many expressed their interest in the ministry. We have been blessed by the number of new friends we are making through this journey. Just last weekend we hosted our first “Man Camp” with 45 men in attendance. The weekend was jam-packed with competitions that included bike races, canoe races, kayak races, shooting competitions, tug-of-war, and much more. Although we had times of fun, we took the time to present the gospel and share the Word of God. What a tremendous blessing! Our next banquet dinner is in September, and we have two youth group weekend adventures scheduled as well as a seniors conference in October. We are so thankful for the opportunities we have to do the Lord’s work!

News Update!

The Edge Christian Camp now has property! We have signed a lease agreement for the rest of 2017 on a 300+ acre fully developed camp! This camp has just about everything we need; buildings, game fields, hiking trails, swimming pool, rock wall, repelling tower, ropes courses, zip line, outdoor chapel, dorms, cabins, and a 425′ beach with a1000′ pier….but wait there’s more!….Every building is stocked with supplies and furniture, every closet is filled with supplies, the boat house is filled with boats and life vest…and to much more to mention; you must see the place! But we have needs in order to keep the Lords work moving forward. There are new expenses that we have not had, such as electric and gas bills. There are also upfront cost that we are faced with such as fire inspection and water inspection fees. There are a few program activities that we would like to incorporate for our weekend adventures. These are needs that we know you can help with. Would you consider becoming and monthly partner with us? God is at work in this ministry. Is he calling you to be a part of it. Commit today and help us to fulfill the work and to share the gospel of Christ through year around camp ministry.


We have located one particular site that stands out to us as it meets our vision for a year-round camp ministry. This property is already developed with a main lodge, many bathhouses, game fields, outdoor pavilions, some cabins, staff housing, and a beach water front on 309 acres. It also includes many activities such as a zip line, low ropes course, high ropes course, large swimming pool, rock wall, and repelling tower. The developed camp is priced at a cost that is very reachable and it has what is required to begin the ministry right away that matches our master plan. The previous camp owners left everything such as canoes, kayaks, vehicles, boats, tables, chairs, beds, office furniture, all the dining hall appliances, and much more to list. We wish to focus on sharing the gospel of Christ through year-round camp ministry and this property would allow us to begin fulfilling the great commission immediately. We believe everything happens for a reason and we know that God can do all things. With our faith in the Lord, we are not willing to close any doors or opportunities. With that said, before we proceed in the original plan of building a camp from the ground up, we feel it is only appropriate to allow God to bless in this way if it is His will. Please be prayer with us as we work diligently to raise the necessary funds to purchase this camp. We ask that you would help us by sharing and spreading the word!

Ministry Support

There are many of you who have expressed interest in the camp, and many of you who wish to be a part of seeing lives changed. God is all knowing and all powerful and we believe God will use this camp ministry to impact the lives of many. What can you do today to help spread the ministry? As a ministry we need your help in prayer, support, and labor. Are you willing to step out in faith by becoming a monthly supporter? Are you willing to step out in faith and become a one time supporter? Are you willing to give your time to see this ministry built? Help us spread the word of the camp by liking us and sharing our Facebook post. God is willing and able according to his Word. Let us join together in obedience in fulfilling the Great Commission!