Welcome to The Edge

Did you know the impact of just one week of camp can change ones life for eternity. There are a number of people all around us each day that are hurting and looking for answers. There are a number people that enjoy camping and retreats that remove us from the everyday busy life we all live. It is a tremendous blessing to have an opportunity to spend a week away in fellowship surrounded by the Word of God. The Edge Christian Camp, called by God, is seeking to purchase property and follow God’s calling to provide a place away from the everyday distractions for those who wish to be renewed in the Word of God by offering year-round camps, conferences, and retreats for both adults and children in Virginia and surrounding states.

We Want To Say Thanks
The Edge Christian Camp kicked off it’s first year of events in 2017 and it was because of you; that it was a success. So many times God has given us the opportunity to reach many with His Word. We witnessed a number of lives impacted over the summer and we want to say “Thank You” to all that took part in volunteering, supporting, and praying.

Current Need:

URGENT PRAYER REQUEST AND ACTION: Friends of The Edge, many of you are aware we have been activity pursing a property that would make a great fit to become the home of The Edge. We have made a first offer that was declined, but then the Lord blessed with several large donations that would allow us to make a cash down payment. Our second offer is currently in the hands of the sellers with a competing offer. Here is the prayer request and action needed. We would like to increase our down payment on top of the $175,000 the Lord has blessed us with already. Therefore, helping the odds swing in our favor. If you have been praying about donating to The Edge at any point this year we ask that you prayerfully consider doing it as early as today, as we are now sitting where the rubber meets the road. Thank you for your prayers and your support. May the Lord be glorified in all that is done!

UPDATE – PRAISE THE LORD, We have currently been blessed with a total of $225,000 for the down payment. Continue to be in prayer with us as we wait to hear back from our offer.

10 For Eternity Donation